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Search through metadata related to education, skills and employment data from the Commonwealth Government

The Metadata Registry contains metadata belonging to the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations, the Department of Education, and Jobs and Skills Australia. 

Each department has a responsibility to ensure public value is generated from the data we collect and use. Please navigate to the individual organisations below for access to their metadata, or for more information.

Discovering Metadata Across Various Australian Government Departments



Metadata enables the best use of data and can be viewed as a foundational element when building departmental data management capabilities.

To see a breakdown of metadata by the Responsible Group, select the appropriate group below:

Group Description 

Early Childhood and Child Care

The Early Childhood and Child Care (ECCC) group is focused on making high quality, affordable and accessible early childhood education and care available to Australian children and families. The group is responsible for the effective implementation of the Government’s Child Care package, including the administration of the Child Care Subsidy and Child Care Safety Net.
Schools and Youth

The Schools Group is shaping a school education system that promotes excellence and equity and supporting young Australians to become confident and creative individuals, successful lifelong learners, and active and informed citizens.

Employment and Workforce The Employment Group delivers and supports national policies and programs that help Australians to find and keep a job, change jobs or create their own job through self-employment.
Higher Education, Research  and International The Higher Education, Research and International Group is committed to equipping the workforce of the future. The department facilitates student access to high quality, sustainable and transparent higher education and research sectors and promotes Australia's reputation internationally as a world-class provider of education and research.
Corporate and Enabling Services The Corporate and Enabling Services Group provides high quality and trusted corporate and enabling services to support our Ministers, the Secretary, the department and our client agencies to deliver outcomes.
Skills and Training The Skills and Training group help Australians to skill for the jobs of today, tomorrow and beyond to drive productivity and economic prosperity. 
National Skills Commission The National Skill Commission will provide a strong evidence base to support enduring reform across the system and help in rebuilding a stronger economy



Data Set Purpose
High Value Data Elements for use within DESE. This distribution was created for the purpose of aggregating the items agreed to be worked by the Metadata Working Group under the 'Value Items Metadata Standards' project. The data elements/items/components, its metadata standards are the proposed high value metadata elements for use within DESE. 


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